Horespower Computing was founded in 2006 by Walter Angelucci. The company started off as a simple sideline business supplying computer equipment supported by minimum service. As the company grew so did the services that it was able to supply. Horsepower Computing is now a fully fledged computer support company dedicated to small /medium businesses and home users. Horsepower Computing will fix any computer problems, sell new computers, upgrade computers, remove viruses, install and maintain networks and help you get connected to the internet!

Main services include:

Maintenance Contracts:
  • To ensure that problems are resolved onsite in a timely fashion.
  • Remote server and infrastructure checkups to make sure critical I.T. services are working and stable.
  • Telephonic support
  • Design & Maintenance:
  • Design, implement and maintain I.T. solutions and network server solutions with support of all our brands.
  • Supply of Hardware and Software:
  • Source and supply all major hardware and software brands with priority turn around times when required. These include but are not limited to workstation computers, servers and server software, printers and scanners, office software packages and antivirus.

ALWAYS providing a qualified, affordable and friendly service!