Air Purifier AP-30

R8,922.85 Inc VAT


All above mentioned air purifiers are tested according to German VDI (Association of German Engineers) directive 6022 for the use in medical areas and facilities. The directive is applicable for ventilation technology and indoor air quality.

The corresponding tests were performed by well-known institute Schwarzkopf in cooperation with Hygiene Institute Mainfranken (HIM). Test coordinator was Dr. Med. (MD) Schwarzkopf. He is medical specialist for microbiology and for infection epidemiology. Also, he is an officially appointed specialist and a sworn expert for hospital hygiene.

All models were successfully tested regarding various criteria (see below). Therefore, they are suitable for use in medical areas and facilities, which clearly is a unique selling point.

Microbiologically tested (regarding viruses and bacteria)
Mycologically tested (regarding fungi and fungal spores)
Tested regarding particulate matter and other particulates
Tested regarding cleanability and disinfectability of the housings Tested regarding noise emission

The test reports of the so-called hygiene report are exclusively available in German language. A translation of dozens or hundreds of pages for each model would be too complex for abovementioned institutes. Apart from that the hygiene report contains a lot of secret data regarding construction of the machines and their filter elements so that we unfortunately cannot provide them to our customers. However, please find below an excerpt of the hygiene reports in German language providing a short summary of the test results.