Paper Print Solutions

Support for all types, makes and models of printers

The need for hard copies in the PACS digital world

The need to take medical images out of the hospital, or out of the boundaries of the hospital's network, for instance to provide copies of the exam images to the patient, or to accompany the report for the referring physician. A "hard copy" of the acquired medical images is certainly the most immediate and effective mean for most "users".

Paper DICOM prints with DICOMPrint

The DICOMPrint software, coupled with an appropriate Windows compatible printer, allows obtaining a high quality and cost effective DICOM printing solution for the radiology department and the other hospital departments. Paper hard copies of exams can be easily produced in a cost efficient way.

DICOMPrint: Benefits Architecture of a DICOM-based paper printing solution
  • Seamless integration in any DICOM network: digital modalities see the "DICOMPrint + office printer" system as it was an actual DICOM film printer.
  • In small imaging center, DICOMPrint can be coupled even with a single modality supporting DICOM print.
  • Dramatic reduction (from 1.5 Euros per copy to a few cents per copy) diagnostic print quality.
  • Easy filing, storage, shipping and disposal of paper printouts.
  • Environment friendly.
DICOMPrint and Xerox devices

DICOMPrint now supports the Xerox Entended Interface Platform (EIP) techology, as an optional software module. Many DICOMJet features are available directly on the touch screen of EIP capable Xerox devices, thus delivering an extremely streamlined and optimized workflow. In addition, some exclusive image acquisition and DICOMization features have been introduced in the EIP application.

Here is a short summary of the features of the DICOMPrint EIP application module:
  • Scan to PACS: acquire paper documents, transform them into DICOM images including patient and exam data (automatically retrieve through DICOM services), and finally send them to a DICOM server.
  • All this is without stepping away from your Xerox device! Transformation to DICOM of printed or hand written reports, forms or other paper document has never been easier!
  • Jobs to PACS: acquire images from print jobs previously saved by the DICOMJet server, time print preview on the home screen of the Xerox EIP device.
  • Server Status: review the current status of the DICOMJet print server, stop and restart the server, view currently active DICOM associations, abort inactive associations. The DICOMPrint EIP application running on a Xerox device.